About Alan Huang

Alan Huang is a recording/mixing engineer in the music industry.  He started his pursue in audio in high school where he went to Grayson High School's Audio Engineering Program. He fell in love with music and went to SAE Institute of Atlanta to further his knowledge and career as a audio engineer. Having people in the industry such as Mike "Snotty" Miller, Justin "Breeze" Sebring, Jamie "J.Roop" Roop, Deigo "Delfino" Rodriguez, and many more audio engineers/producers, as teachers Alan was able to get insight and learn from professionals actually doing it in the industry. Accumulating the information and skills as an engineer, he got a internship at ZAC Recording Studio's (now called Astro Studios). While at ZAC's he worked with clients such as Meek Mill, Yo Gotti, Chef, Teyana Taylor, and other various artist, producers, songwriters, and engineers. With his skill and knowledge of engineering and ProTools he started assisting Phil Tan's Audio Engineering Program, where he helps students with signal flow, ProTools, recording, engineering, etc. Alan still assists Phil Tan's program today. Later leaving ZAC's, Alan is now a freelance engineer in the music industry. You can now book Alan Huang at your favorite studio around the world and you won't be disappointed.